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Rich Information and Analytics In a Variety of Formats

The same robust reports functionality that has always been included in 25Live is now in a convenient tool for quick access. 25Live Reports are designed with a clear, direct presentation style that support your administrators and users in gathering data, managing facilities, and meeting the needs of customers. Both administrators and end users can easily generate ad hoc reports, save reports for future use, and mark the reports they use most as favorites.

Features and Benefits


More than 115 standard reports


Easy to use interface with the ability to star favorites


Multiple export formats (PDF, Word, Excel, plain text, and rich text)


The ability to email completed reports


Run any integrated custom reports unique to your institution


Generate reports ad hoc or schedule them for any time

Series25 Solution Illustration

How does 25Live Reports fit into Series25?

25Live Reports gives you a window to all of the data in your Series25 database for greater utilization insights, easy access to daily information and calendars, and deeper analysis of your scheduling resources, locations, and practices.

Calendar 5 Day Report Example  Custom Event Report Example

How to Access 25Live Pro

The Reports tool is available from the main menu of other Series25 tools as well as by going directly to:

We Love Your Feedback

We would love to hear feedback about what you like, don't like, or any problems you encounter:

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