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 Series25 WebServices API

Fully Documented, Complete API for Integration

The fully documented Series25 WebServices API can help you integrate Series25 tools with third-party technologies. Many Series25 customers are currently implementing the API in a variety of creative ways. 25Live itself has been built using the Series25 WebServices API to access the Series25 database.

Help & Training

Requires customer resources knowledgebase login:

Series25 WebServices provides integration with:


Digital signage


Room panels


Google Calendar


Live feeds of event data (such as via RSS)


Ellucian Luminis portal


HVAC systems


Door locking/unlocking systems...and more

Series25 Solution Illustration

How does the WebServices API fit into Series25?

Series25 WebServices provides an alternate access path to the Series25 database, employing XML export and import capabilities and an exposed data model for ease of integrating with third-party systems with all the tools in Series25.

What skills does an WebServices developer need?

Since there are unlimited possibilities for the ways you might choose to use your Series25 data, there is no single skill set required to make effective use of WebServices. In fact, the only absolute is that the developer have a thorough understanding of XML, and possibly XSLT, depending on the development project. Beyond that, the specific tools and development environment needed can vary by person and project.

A developer will need an understanding of the WebServices API and be able to use XML to manipulate Series25 data. 
A successful developer must understand the conceptual framework of web services in a generic sense. One of the guiding principles of CollegeNET development is that data should be organized as sets of resources, a methodology described as Resource Oriented Architecture (ROA). We encourage prospective developers to visit our web services documentation for more information, as well as links to conceptual documentation. 

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