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Security Note: These Settings Require Administrative Access

To access pricing configuration, your 25Live user must have administrative security permissions (see Security Permissions Required for Pricing). If you would like any of the described settings changed for your instance of 25Live, contact your 25Live administrator.

25Live features a System Settings menu to allow administrators to conveniently adjust some settings without needing to leave 25Live for another Series25 tool.

The More menu in the top navigation bar
Image: The More menu in the top navigation bar has a link to the System Settings view.

After logging into 25Live Pro as a system administrator or another user with appropriate permissions, open the More menu in the top navigation bar.

System Settings link in More menu
Image: The System Settings link is in the More menu.

Use the menu link to go to the System Settings view.

Within the System Settings view, click the Pricing Settings tab. From here, you can:

Image: Pricing options within the System Settings area.

 Series25 Pricing Help

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