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Guidelines For Adding Contacts

  • Only Last Name and Work Email Address are required to add a contact.
  • If the contact you’re adding is a 25Live user, you also have to add their 25Live username and password and select their security group.
  • Associate one or more organizations with the contact as needed.
  • When selecting attributes of the contact, specify the value of each.

To Add a Contact

Access the Add Contact Page

  1. In the 25Live Administration Utility, select the Contacts tab.
  2. Select the Manage Contacts task tab, then click the ADD icon to go to the Add Contact page.

    Note: You must scroll down to see all the contact information you can specify.

Enter/Select Contact Data and Select Associated Organizations

  1. Enter basic identifying information about the contact (last name is required) and the contact’s work email address (required) and, optionally, their home email address.
  2. If the contact is a 25Live user, enter their 25Live username and password (letters, numbers, and underscores only) and select the user’s 25Live security group. New users are always active.
  3. Enter work and home address and phone information as needed, and enter any comments.
  4. Associate organizations with the contact as needed. To do so, click New Organization, select the contact’s role in the organization (if any), and find and select the organization. If the contact is associated with other organizations, repeat these steps.
  5. Check the custom attributes that pertain to the contact and enter or select the appropriate value for each.

Click "Add Contact" To Save Your New Contact

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