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Availability Grids Come With Default Colors

In 25Live, availability grids are available in your personal views, as a display choice in search results, and in Location and Resource details. These grids list locations or resources along the left side, an adjustable display of hours along the top of the grid, and the give you the ability to change the date(s) displayed. Custom colors can display on both daily and weekly availability grids.

Color coded events in availability view
Image: Colors indicate the status of locations or resources during displayed hours in the availability grid Standard availability grid views.

Availability grids come with a number of default colors:

  • Blank/White: Available
  • Green: A normal event with occurrence start and end times
  • Light Green: Setup/pre-event or post-event/takedown time around an event time
  • Gray: Closed hours, based on the location's open/closed hours
  • Black: A blackout hour
  • Orange/Beige: Location unavailable due to a relationship with another location
  • Purple/Gray Slashes: Pending location reservation

These colors help you see at a glance the status of events for the location or resource. Use the Legend button in the top-left of any availability grid to see a list of the colors that may display.

Tip: Some System Colors Will Persist

Some colors the system assigns in availability grid views to relate information, such as orange to show a location is unavailable due to a relationship, will override any custom colors.

System Settings Grid Coloring Adds Two Choices

The Grid Coloring section of System Settings allows you to additionally display color mappings for:

  • Event Type
  • Event State

You can toggle between the two kinds of mappings, and 25Live will keep the library you saved for each.

To Add a New Color Mapping

Security Note: This Feature Requires Administrative Access

eTo access the System Settings views, your 25Live user must have administrative security permissions (be in the -1 security group). If you would like any of the described settings changed for your instance of 25Live, contact your 25Live administrator.

1. Go to the System Settings View, and Access the General Settings Section

The More menu in the top navigation bar
Image: The More menu in the top navigation bar has a link to the System Settings view.

After logging into 25Live Pro as an administrator or user with permissions to access System Settings (-1), open the More menu in the top navigation bar.

System Settings link in More menu
Image: The System Settings link is in the More menu.

Use the menu link to go to the General Settings section.

System Settings General Settings section
Image: The settings are in the General Settings section of the System Settings.

Use the Grid Coloring  link in the left-side menu to view the section.

2. Choose The Kind of Color Mapping

Color By toggle
Image: Grid Coloring adds the option to display two kinds of color mappings.

Use the Color By: toggle to switch between defining color mappings Event Type or State. If you define mappings for one kind then switch to the other, 25Live will keep your library of mappings to use if you switch back.

3. Add a New Mapping

Blank tile for new color mapping
Image: Each new color mapping begins with a blank tile.

Use the Add New Color Mapping button to display a blank tile for a new mapping.

4. Adjust Settings

Multiple mappings can be defined
Image: You can define multiple mappings and settings for either type.

Each mapping tile has settings for:

  • Name - A descriptive name that will appear in the Legend key
  • Event Type or State - Depending on the kind of mapping you're adding, the button will allow you to choose one or more items
    • If you choose more than one item, an event matching ANY of the choices will use the defined color
    • Just as in the rest of 25Live, you can quickly remove any choices using the X next to the name
  • Color - The color you want matching events to display

5. Save Your Color Mapping

Saving is very important. While you can add more than one mapping then use the Save button, its safest to save after adding each mapping. You must save after toggling the Color By choice of mapping types as well.

Note: Removing Color Mappings

Use the Remove button on each tile to remove any color mappings you no longer want or need. Removing mappings does not have an undo function, to consider carefully before using the button.

To Change Between Grid Color Types

25Live will save your library of tiles for both kinds of color mappings when you switch between Event Type or State.

Use the Color By: switch to toggle between mapping kinds. Be sure to Save after switching, or the new kind will not display the expected colors on availability grids.

Be aware that if you are displaying color mappings by Event State, a defined mapping for related events in the library for Event Type will override any other Event State definitions, as requested by customers.

Viewing Availability Grid Coloring

Custom colors can display on both weekly and daily availability grids.

Availability grid by type
Image: Events displaying with custom color mapping by Event Type on a weekly grid.

The Legend button displays a key with default colors and as well as any additional you've added for the currently selected mapping kind.

Note: Related Event Definitions Will Always Display

If you are displaying color mappings by Event State, a defined mapping for related events in the library for Event Type will override any other Event State definitions.

Availability colors by State
Image: Events displaying with custom color mapping by Event State on a daily grid.

If you change from one grid color kind to another (such as from coloring by Event Type to coloring by Event State), the Legend and display of colors will change to match the new selection.

Tip: You May Need to Refresh Using Browser Controls

If you don't see expected color changes after adding a new mapping or switching between mapping color kinds, refresh using your browser's Refresh button or CTRL-R (Command-R).

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