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Guidelines For Adding Resources

  • Only Resource Name is required to add the resource.
  • Because the resource name may appear in event web calendars you publish using the 25Live Publisher, make sure the name would make sense to the general public and complies with your resource naming conventions.
  • You may want to review your Resource Categories master definition and possibly add new categories to it for selection here. Having good categories can greatly assist 25Live users in searching for resources and in the 25Live Pro Event Form.
  • When selecting attributes of the resource, specify the value of each.
  • If you want to define the total inventory of the resource for different time periods that will cause the resource quantity to be decremented when assigned to events, specify stock totals.
  • Define the relationship of this resource to other resources as needed.

To Add a Resource

Access the Add Resource Page

  1. In the 25Live Administration Utility, select the Resources tab.
  2. Select the Manage Resources task tab, then click the ADD icon to go to the Add Resource page.

    Note: You must scroll down to see all the resource information you can specify.

Enter/Select Resource Data

  1. Enter the resource name (required) and, optionally, any comments and/or default setup instructions.
  2. Check the categories the resource belongs to.
  3. Check the custom attributes that pertain to the resource and enter or select the appropriate value for each. If you have an image custom attribute and want to associate an image with the resource, select the image from your image directory.

Define Resource Relationships and Stock Totals

  1. Define the relationships this resource has to other resources as needed. To do so, click New Relationship, select the kind of relationship (substitute with or also assign), and select the resource that has this relationship with your new resource.
  2. If you want to define stock totals for the resource, click New Stock Level, enter the start and end dates of the stock total period, then enter the stock level quantity. Repeat to add more stock totals for other time periods.

Define Resource Object Security and Assignment Policies

  1. Click the Object Security “EDIT” link.
  2. Change the object access setting for each security group as needed.
  3. Click the Assignment Policy “EDIT” link.
  4. Change the assignment policy access setting for each security group as needed.

For information on 25Live security, see this Security Overview.

Define Resource Notification Policies, If Needed

  1. Click the Notification Policy “EDIT” link.

  2. Choose whether the notification must be approved by at least one of the users associated with the notification or all users associated with the notification.

  3. If you want to set a time limit within which the user(s) associated with the notification must act, check the Approval Required Within box, and set the number of days, hours, and/or minutes after the notification creation date that action must be taken.

  4. Perform a simple full or partial name search for a user you want to associate with the notification policy, then select the user(s) in the search results. (You can also click the Select All arrow to select all returned users.)

  5. If you need to run another search to find other users you want to associate with the notification policy, click the Back arrow and search again.

  6. For each associated user, choose the type of notification they should receive—Approval Required or Notification Only.

    Note: If you need to remove one or more users you’ve associated with the notification policy, click the Remove button (red X) of each, or click Remove All to remove all associated users.

Using Notification Policy Templates

You can use the notification policy of a resource as a “template” to define the same notification policy for other resources.

To do this:

  1. Find the resource with the notification policy you want to use as a template.
  2. Select that resource for edit along with the other resources you want to define a notification policy for.
  3. Check the Notification Policy box, then choose the resource whose notification policy you wish to use as a template from the Use Template drop-down list.
  4. Click Save Changes to apply the notification policy “template” you chose to all selected resources.

Click "Add Resource" To Save Your New Resource

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