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Warning: These Customizations Can Be Lost

Adjusting an event's initial occurrence date/time may remove the individual occurrence customizations described here as well as existing location and/or resource assignments. Keep this in mind when Editing Events.

You can add extra information and adjustments to individual event occurrences with the Event Form, either before or after assigning locations.

Date and Time Occurrence Options

Occurrence options
Image: Expanded occurrence options include changing individual times.

Using the View All Occurrences button in the Date and Time section will allow you these options:

  • Edit Occurrence Times (new in the Event Form)
    • Tap or click in the number fields to open a dropdown display of times
    • Choosing earlier or later times adjusts the am/pm display automatically
    • If you choose invalid times (such as an end time that precedes the start time), your change is reset to the original value

  • Add Comments
    • Type brief comments into the Comment field 

  • Change Occurrence State
    • The dropdown menu has options for Active or Cancelled

  • View Location and Resource Information
    • See a summary of location and resource information 

  • Remove Occurrence
    • Use the red shaded button to remove any occurrence

Location and Resource Occurrence Options

single occurrence location details
Image: For single occurrence events, location and resource details are available directly on the tile.

After adding a location or resource, the reserved/requested item appears below the search (which you can collapse). For events with a single occurrence, options can be edited directly on the tile.

Location View Occurrences button  Resources View Occurrences button
Image: View Occurrences buttons are available next to any reserved or requested Location or Resouce.

For events with multiple occurrences, use the View Occurrences button to edit options. Use the Close button to save your changes.

Tip: Selecting Individual Occurrences for Assignment

Settings for location per occurrence.
Image: Settings for location per occurrence.

If you would like to set different locations and/or resources for different dates, you can select only the occurrences you want to include. For example, if the event repeats every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday and you want to set a specific location and/or resources for the Tuesday/Thursday occurrences, check only those dates in the View Occurrences view within the Event Date and Time section, then use the Location or Resource Search button to reserve for just the selected dates.

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