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The 25Live Administration Utility is used to perform a wide variety of data and security administrative tasks, as well as other jobs, as described below.

Schedule25 Optimizer is also accessed from the Utility

In addition to these tasks, the Utility is also used to access and run the Schedule25 Optimizer. For information, see the Schedule25 Optimizer Help.

Data Management Tasks

  • Creating and maintaining event, location, resource, contact, and organization master definitions
  • Creating and maintaining locations and resources, which includes defining their object security and assignment policies
  • Creating and maintaining organizations, which includes defining their object security
  • Creating and maintaining users and other contacts
  • Maintaining the Event Structure (Cabinets and Folders)
  • Maintaining the Event Type Hierarchy
  • Managing events—deleting multiple events and forcing selected events to inherit data from their parent folder or cabinet
  • Adding and managing images
  • Specifying integration options for event publishing, Series25-SIS (TCS) Interface import/export, single sign-on, and automatic email
  • Removing pending location and resource reservations

Security Tasks

  • Setting object security on events and reports
  • Creating and maintaining user security groups
  • Setting default object security and assignment policies for locations and resources
  • Setting default object security for organizations, reports, and event drafts
  • Creating and maintaining event, location, resource, and organization notification policies
  • Unlocking locked items
  • Enabling object security system-wide

Other Jobs

  • Scheduling reports for automatic generation and distribution
  • Adding and managing custom reports
  • Setting up event pricing
  • Exporting data to X25
  • For schools still using the Legacy Series25-SIS (TCS) Interface – binding back-to-back events, completing vCalendar To Do's for multiple events and exporting the events to the SIS, and viewing import messages

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Documentation For Administrators

25Live Pro Admin Utility Help

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