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The Aggregated Meeting Patterns report in X25's Section Analytics groups the sections for a term by college, department, or subject code and counts how many are compliant with a selected Standard Schedule. Sections without meeting patterns are excluded.

You can use this information to judge which departments are complying with institutional policies regarding scheduling time slots.

Image: Aggregated Meeting Patterns report

The report table includes the following fields:

  • Group: Indicates the name of the college, department, or subject code being aggregated.
  • Institution Code:  If a term code has multiple institution codes, they are separated in this display.
  • Sections: The total number of sections in the group. (Note: sections without meeting patterns are not included.)
  • Non Compliant Sections: The number of sections in the group whose meeting patterns don't match the selected Standard Schedule.
  • Non Compliance Rate (%): The ratio of non-compliant sections in the group.

   X25 Analytics

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