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The Aggregated Sections report in X25's Section Analytics sums up the enrollment totals for all sections and groups them by department, college, or subject code. It is similar to the Aggregated Enrollment Report but shows more detail in individual sections.

You can use this information to judge how full a given course load is.

Image: Aggregated Sections report

The main report table summarizing the sections includes the following fields:

  • Institution Code:  If a term code has multiple institution codes, they are separated in this display.
  • Group: Indicates the name of the college, department, or subject code being aggregated.
  • Section Count: The total number of sections in that group.
  • Aggregated RHC: The total registered head count of all sections in the group.

When a row is selected, the following details appear on the right:

  • Subject/Department/College Code: How sections are grouped within the table.
  • Course Number, Section Number, CRN (Course Record Number): Identifying details for a section.
  • EHC/RHC:  The expected and registered head counts of students for the section.
  • Fill Rate (%): The ratio of registered students to expected ones (i.e., how "full" is the section).

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