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Assignment Windows are a type of assignment policy exception which are relative to an event's start date rather set for a specific month and day. A user has different assignment policy permissions for a location in the days before an event starts.

Assignment Windows and "Not Requestable"

If a location's default assignment policy is Not Requestable, then assignment windows do not have an effect.

There are three options for permissions in an assignment window:

  • Assign - the user is able to assign the location without requiring approval
  • Request - if the user attempts to assign the location, instead they generate an assignment request task
  • Not Requestable - the user is not able to request or assign the location at all


  • Assignment Window starts 3 days before the 1st Occurrence Date with the following permissions: Request

Image: Assignment window settings.

In this example, a user might normally have full assignment permissions for a location. But three days before an event's start date, the window kicks in and demotes the user's permission to request-only. This forces a user to receive approval for a location if attempting to reserve it in the near future, while allowing them to assign without approval if the event is more than three days away.

Note: Assignment Windows Are Not Yet Available for Express Scheduling

Using Assignment Windows in conjunction with Express Scheduling is coming soon.

Assignment windows are applied based on the date of an event's first occurrence. If a user creates or edits an event whose first requested date for a location is within the window, that location's assignment policy will use the exception for all dates, even ones which fall outside the window.

"One day" for an assignment window means 24 hours, not a calendar day. For example, if a location has an assignment window of two days then a user's assignment policy permissions will be affected exactly 48 hours before the start of the event. This means that someone would be able to make a request for Friday evening by submitting it on Wednesday morning and still fall outside a two-day window.

To Set an Assignment Window

  1. In Series25 Group Administration, select a single group and click Configure... Edit Location Security.
  2. Search for locations to edit. You can type a location's name into the search box or choose an existing search.
  3. Select any number of locations and click Actions... Edit Assignment Window. (Or choose "Clear Existing Assignment Window".)
  4. The selected location(s) are displayed at the top of the screen. Set the following options:
    1. The number of days before an event's start date when the window applies
    2. The permission (Request, Assign, or Not Requestable) to use during the window
  5. Click Save.

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