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Security Note

To cancel an event, you need to have Edit security permissions for the event as well as permission to use the Cancelled event state.

Express Scheduling events may be cancelled without access to this event state as long as the following are true:

  • The user is the Requestor contact role
  • The user is able to edit the event

Generally, these are both usually true for the user who created the Express Scheduling event.

When an event is cancelled, all its location and resource assignments are immediately released for re-assignment. The cancelled event is still stored in the Series25 database. 

To Cancel a Single Occurrence/Non-Repeating Event Using the Event State Dropdown

Change the state from the event's details view.

From the event's details view, use the Event State dropdown to change the state.

Cancelling from details view
Image: A quick way to cancel a single event is to use the State drop-down in the event details.

To Cancel a Single Occurrence/Non-Repeating Event by Editing the Event

1. Use the More Actions Display in the Event Details View

Use either the Edit Event link or the More Actions display option to open the event in full editing mode.

2. Change the Event State

While in editing mode in the Event Form, scroll down to the Event State field, and choose the Cancelled event state.

Image:  Editing the Event State to cancel an event using the new Event Form.

3. Save the Cancelled Event

Use the Save button to complete canceling the event.

Note: Reversing a Cancellation

If you need to restore an event that has been cancelled, you can change the state again from the event details view (with appropriate security permissions). You'll need to edit the event to restore any discarded location or resource assignments.

To Cancel Individual Occurrences of a Repeating Event

To cancel specific event occurrences, edit the event and change the status of each occurrence to Cancelled.

Occurrence List
Image: Cancel occurrences in the Status column.

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