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If you're already familiar with the functional security settings in the 25Live Administration Utility, you will find this document helpful in setting security options in Group Administration: Permissions in Series25 Group Administration.

  1. From the Group Administration home page, select the Groups you want to set security for. If you have a large number of groups, you can run a keyword search to find the group(s) and then select them. In this example, we entered "basic" in the keyword search field, then chose the groups we wanted to set security for from the displayed filtered list.

    You can also "Select All" to select all the groups in the filtered list at one time.
  2. Click the Configure button and select "Edit Security."

  3. On the Configure Security For Multiple Groups page, the current security option settings for each of the groups you chose are displayed side-by-side. 

  4. Select the Question Option category you want to view: Basic, Administrative, or Academic.
  5. Compare the current question option settings of the groups as needed.

    Comparing Group Security Settings

    To see the differences in the security option settings for all questions in the Question Option category, click the "Show Difference" button.

    To compare the security option settings for selected questions in the Question Option category, enter a partial question phrase in the Filter By Question field. In this example, we entered "org" in the field which displayed a filtered list of "organization" option settings for the selected groups.

    To unfilter the list, click the "x" next to the field.

  6. Change the security option settings for one or more groups as needed.

    Required Minimum Security

    To be able to modify an existing 25Live group's security using Group Administration, the group must have certain minimum functional security permissions as described in Setting Security For One Group.

    If a setting you've changed has a dependency with another setting, that setting will also be changed automatically. For example, if we change the Basic "View Organization Account Numbers" setting from No to Yes, we're informed that the Administrative "Edit Organization Accounting Codes" option has also been changed from No to Yes.

  7. Repeat steps 5 and 6 to change additional settings for this Question Option category or steps 4 - 6 to change settings for another Question Option category.
  8. Click Save.

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