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Here are the ways you can reach out to CollegeNET's experts in Series25.

Getting Support

After searching for help in this documentation, if you still need help or think you have encountered a bug, please do the following before contacting CollegeNET's support teams.

Contact Your Institution's Administrator

You should first get in touch with a 25Live Administrator at your institution to be sure the issue you are experiencing isn't due to how your instance of 25Live is configured or due to security restrictions that are in place.

Check the Series25 Customer Handbook

The  Series25 Customer Handbook (PDF file, separate Customer Resources login required) is designed to help you know what services are available, whom to contact when you need assistance, and how your support requests will be handled by our technical support staff. It specifically lists the CollegeNET Series25 support services that are provided under the terms of your school’s licensing agreement, as well as additional services that can be arranged on a consulting basis.

CollegeNET Support

In order to best help you, Series25 Support will need as much information as you can gather related to the issue you are experiencing.

  • Your username in 25Live
  • The device and browser version you were using
  • Note the actions you were taking that resulted in the error or message and take screenshots of those errors and messages
  • Contact Technical Support (available from 6:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Pacific Time, Monday through Friday, excluding holidays)
  • Or contact Functional Support for email assistance and answers to questions about using 25Live 

Series25 Development

Have a suggestion that might make our software better? Feel free to pass it along to any of the groups above, or go straight to the source and submit your requests to the Series25 Customer Feedback Boards.

Series25 Accessibility

This team deals with requests related to accessibility as it pertains to the Americans with Disabilities Act (, specifically related to the design of products, devices, services, or environments for people with disabilities. Feel free to pass along your questions or feedback to

Series25 Webinars

This team puts together the most relevant and up to date material for each webinar we deliver to our Series25 customers. We welcome customer suggestions for webinar topics. Feel free to pass along your questions or feedback to View past webinar recordings and more topics at Series25 Webinars (Customer Resources login required).

25Live Pro 25Live Pro Help

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