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The Student Transaction Log Outbound Connector is an important component of the integration between Workday and 25Live via LYNX. It tracks changes for preliminary and published course sections and updates LYNX at scheduled intervals, eliminating the need to manually initialize course section data in the LYNX user interface. (Reference data, such as academic periods, locations, and subject codes, is not tracked by this connector and must still be manually initialized.)

How does it work?

The connector produces a StudentTransactionLog.xml file with the section WID's of the course sections that have changes. That XML file can then be transformed via XSLT to a valid Get_Course_Sections request. Both the StudentTransactionLog.xml file and the response to Get_Course_Sections are then delivered to CollegeNET servers via a Web Service.

The instructions below outline the basic steps for creating and configuring the Student Transaction Log Outbound Connector. For more detailed information and security requirements, please refer to the Workday Documentation.

Create the Student Transaction Log Outbound Connector

1) Run the Create Integration System task.

2) Name the Integration and select the Student Transaction Log Outbound Connector template.

3) Enable all services.

4) At this point you will receive some errors. Follow the steps below to resolve them.

Configure Integration Attributes

1) To resolve the first error, go to Actions > Integration System > Configure Integration Attributes.

2) Enable De-Duplicate Transaction Targets, select Student Records for the Workday Web Service attribute value, and select v37.0 for the Workday Web Service Version attribute value.

Configure Integration Attachment Service

1) To resolve the second error, go to Actions > Integration System > Configure Integration Attachment Service.

2) Create a new Integration Service Attachment.

3) Upload an XSLT file that will transform the StudentTransactionLog.xml file to a valid Get_Course_Sections request. Attached is a sample file: Get_Course_Sections.xsl

Configure Document Delivery Service

To set up a document delivery service, create a new business process under Actions > Business Process > Create, Copy, or Link Definition.

2) Click OK to accept the defaults, but make sure the time zone is correct.

3) Add a business process step with the following information:

  • Order: c
  • Type: Service
  • Specify: Document Delivery

4) At this point you will get another error because you need to configure document delivery.

5) Click Configure Document Delivery. You will need to enter the following:

Schedule the Integration

1) To schedule the integration, go to Actions > Integration > Launch / Schedule.

2) Select a Run Frequency.

3) Enter the Integration Criteria.

4) Enter the Integration Schedule. You are required to enter an End Date, so will need to adjust that accordingly as the year progresses.

5) Review the summary of the scheduled process.