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Security Note

System configuration and security determine whether you can delete events. Ask your system administrator if you're unable to perform tasks you think should be available to you.

To Delete an Event or Event Draft

1. Find the Event

Search for the event you wish to delete or choose it from your dashboard starred events. Tap or click on the event name to view the event's details.

Choose Delete Event in the More Actions display, if your user has appropriate permissions.

More Actions menu
Image: Select Delete Event from the More Actions display in the Event Details.

To help prevent accidental deletions, you must first toggle Delete Mode to On.
Use the Delete Event button. A message asks you to confirm the deletion. Click OK to continue.

Warning: This Action is Permanent

A deleted event can't be viewed, edited, or retrieved again. Once deleted, the event will no longer be available in the Series25 database. If you want to keep a record of an event, cancel the event rather than deleting it.  

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