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Ensuring You Receive Forum Email Notifications

To be sure you can easily follow all forum discussions you're interested in, you need to toggle the following settings. 

1. Edit Your Profile Preferences

Edit Profile link
Image: The user icon is in the top toolbar, but your icon may look different.

Be sure you're signed in to the Series25 Community Forums, then tap or click on your profile icon in the upper-right corner to choose the Edit Profile option.

2. Check the Category Notifications Email Settings

Category Notifications section
Image: The Category Notifications section has preferences for email and other communication by category.

Use the Notification Preferences link in the profile menu (on the right side of the view) to then scroll to the Category Notifications section.

Check the boxes for Email under the Discussions and Comments columns for any categories you want to receive notifications for.

You can deselect any of these at any time in the future. 

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