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Note: This Feature Was Previously a Part of BPEs

This feature is a partial replacement for the features that were included in business process extensions (BPEs), but with improved functionality and an easier, more convenient interface.

25Live allows administrators to automate messages using the Event Save Email section in System Settings. These email can trigger when an event saves after:

  • Event Creation
  • Event Edit
  • Both on Event Creation and Edit 

Image: Scenarios send templates, which use template variables.

First, an administrator creates a scenario that outlines the parameters for sending email(s), then template(s) are created that specify the content of the email(s) using template variables.


Event save email scenarios
Image: Event Save Scenario options.

An administrator creates different scenarios for the circumstances under which an automated, custom email should be sent. Criteria that can be specified include:

  • Event States (including inline editing of the Event State in Event Details)
  • Event Types
  • Location(s) event was requested for
  • Resource(s) event was requested with
  • Primary Organization
  • Security Group of the user that will be taking the action when the email is triggered

Additional options are available for where email is triggered from, to allow for "Silent Save" that will not trigger an email, and more.

Scenarios send emails based on templates. Multiple email templates can be sent from one scenario, and templates can be used in more than one scenario.

See Event Save Email: Creating and Editing Scenarios for step-by-step instructions and examples.


Event save email templates
Image: Event Save Template body using variables.

Administrators can create templates for any custom emails that will be automatically triggered or manually sent. Templates specify who the email will be sent to, a subject line, and body content for the email. Template variables can be used in any of these fields for dynamic content based on event information.

Templates can use HTML formatting and feature an advanced code view as well as an easy editor. Administrators can preview what the resulting email will look like with an event reference ID.

See Creating and Editing Email Templates for step-by-step instructions and examples.

Also see Using Manual Email Templates for another way to use templates.

Template Variables

Image: Template variables can be generated within the application then copied into fields.

Event Save Templates and Custom Documents in 25Live can be built from a library of variables used to dynamically pull event information into content. Administrators can browse through all variables in a convenient interface while creating email templates then copy them to paste into content fields. Variable categories include:

  • Basic Event Variables
  • Event Date and Time Variables
  • Occurrence, Location, and Resource Variables
  • Event Role and Custom Attribute Variables
  • Formattable Date Variables
  • Document Management Variables

See Template Variable Reference and Examples for more detail.

Also see more on Creating and Managing Custom Contract Documents and Utilizing Custom Contract Documents.

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