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New Event Form in 25Live Pro
Image: The Event Form in 25Live Pro has many great features.

Efficient Navigation and Speed

The 25Live Pro Event Form was built on a new technology platform that enables outstanding speed and performance improvements, now and in future development. We have built the form using a single page layout to make navigating through the form fields quicker, especially for frequent event schedulers.

Individual Occurrence Editing

Multiple occurrences on the same date
Image: Multiple occurrences can be created for the same day in the Event Form.

Power users need additional features to create and edit events with multiple occurrences, so we've added these important scheduling capabilities:

  • Occurrences can be edited with individual start and end times

  • Individual occurrence comments, states, and removals can be altered before assigning locations

  • Ad hoc events can be created by starting with a pattern and clicking to add or remove individual occurrences

  • Multiple occurrences can be created for the same day

Location and Resource Search Improvements

Animation of sections collapsing
Image: Location and Resource sections can be expanded or collapsed.

  • The Event Form features sections can be expanded and collapsed for Location and Resource searches and when choosing event times to give you a clearer view of the information you need

  • Location and Resource search results display the number of occurrences an item is available for in addition to displaying conflict information

  • Advanced users can use SeriesQL to search for Locations and Resources without needing to leave the Event Form

  • Location and Resource search results display based on user permissions, hiding items with conflicts if the user doesn't have rights to view the object

Mobile Availability

Event Form on mobile
Image: The 25Live Event Form is available on mobile devices.

The 25Live Event Form adapts for different device sizes, including narrow width mobile devices.

Accessibility for Users of All Abilities

Accessibility icon
Image: Our company makes regular accessibility improvements to all our products.

CollegeNET strives to make its web content and services as accessible as is practicable in support of the mission of the World Wide Web Consortium’s Web Accessibility Initiative, including promoting a high degree of usability for people with disabilities. The Event Form features many accommodations for users with screen readers. See Accessibility Tips for 25Live Pro.

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