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Verifying that all relevant sections imported and exported correctly is critical to successful room scheduling. Checking for import and export problems should be done after importing and exporting sections for the first time each term and as part of your daily routine throughout the year.

Fixing import and export problems requires correcting 25Live and/or SIS data to eliminate all errors and possibly some warnings and/or modifying Interface configuration or translation settings as needed (see Configuration and Data Translation sections of this help).

Prior to making corrections, review the error or warning messages for each section carefully to determine what must be done (see "Related Topics"). This requires a thorough understanding of your 25Live and SIS data. If you need additional assistance, contact

When you're done making corrections, re-import or re-export the corrected sections in one of these ways:

  • If there are just a few sections requiring re-import or re-export, make a null change to the sections in your SIS and allow them to be updated automatically via LYNX.
  • If there are many sections requiring re-import or re-export, import or export the entire extract set containing the sections manually (see Importing or Exporting an Extract Set).

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