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These settings can be found in the "API Integration" area of LYNX's Configuration - Settings page.

Filling out these fields is the final step of configuring your Workday connection.


Workday API Endpoint

Enter your Workday endpoint information (base URL and tenant ID) into the provided fields.

The Workday API Endpoint has a format similar to the following. Note that the base URL (ending in /service) and the tenant ID should be entered in different fields.

https://<workday hostname><tenant_ID>/

API Username

API Password

Enter credentials for your Workday integration service user.

Term Codes for Auto Initialization

Enter up to three term codes that you want automatically initialized on a recurring basis (time interval is determined by CollegeNET) to keep Workday and 25Live course section data synchronized.

SIS Student Transaction Log Outbound Connector ID

Enter the integration system ID for the Student Transaction Log Outbound Connector. To find this in Workday:

  1. Search for "View Integration System"
  2. Enter Integration System name
  3. Go to Actions > Integration IDs > View IDs
  4. Enter the value for "Integration_System_ID" in LYNX

Import Section Registered Head Count

Enabling this setting will allow LYNX to run a custom report in Workday to track registered head count. You must configure this report first for the setting to have an effect.

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