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Once you've imported your course sections into 25Live using LYNX, you need to assign locations to those sections that haven't been preassigned in your SIS. Once you do, they are exported back to your SIS via a LYNX export extract set.

There are two methods you can use to assign locations to sections:

In most cases, you would first use the Schedule25 Optimizer to place/assign locations to the majority of sections needing assignment, and then manually assign locations to any remaining "not placed" and "impossible to place" sections as described in this article.

To Determine Which Locations Are Available To Be Assigned

Before you can manually assign locations to sections, you need to know which locations are still available for assignment after the Schedule25 Optimizer placement/assignment process. The easiest way to do this is by running the Location Availability by Meeting Pattern or the Location Avail by Meeting Pat - Excel report in 25Live Pro.

Customize Before Running

Before you run this report for the first time, email Series25 Technical Support ( and have them send you the  MeetingPatterns.xml file. When you receive the file, edit it to specify the standard meeting patterns particular to your institution.

  1. From the 25Live Pro Home page, choose Reports from the More menu.
  2. Select Location Reports, then choose the Location Availability by Meeting Pattern or Location Avail by Meeting Pat - Excel report from the drop-down menu.
  3. Select the report parameters.

    Recommended Parameter Settings

    Start Date - first day of term
    End Date - last day of classes
    Location Search - the location search you used when running the Schedule25 Optimizer
    Pad Time - typically "0" (zero)
    Sort by Capacity - Yes or No (your choice) - sorts results by room capacity
    Target Pattern Duration - leave blank
    Incl. Open/Close/Blackout - Yes or No (your choice) - whether or not to take Open/Close and Blackout hours into account when assessing availability

  4. Select "View this report now."
  5. Click Run Report.

To Assign Locations Manually Using the 25Live Pro Event Form

Whether you need to assign a new location to a section that doesn't have one or make a change to one that does, you can do that directly in the 25Live Pro Event Form.

  1. On the 25Live Pro dashboard, enter the full or partial section name in the Search Events Quick Search box and click the search icon to run the search.
    Do a Quick Search to find the section you want to place
    Image: Do a Quick Search to find the section you want to place

    If you know how your academic section event names are constructed (typically Subject, Course Number, and Section Number, for example ACCT 210 01
    ) type that into the Search Events box.

    Alternatively, if LYNX is configured to add the Section Identifier (CRN) to the event names in 25Live, you can type the section's unique section ID number (for example 14322) into the Search Events box.
  2. On the search results pages, you'll likely see many sections with a matching name or section identifier across multiple terms. If you've flagged your imported sections appropriately you should be able to spot the section by Event Name or Category, If those data elements aren't in place, change from List to Calendar view and find the section by Start Date.

    When you find the section, click its link to open it.

  3. Click the "Edit Event" link to open the section on the Event Form, then select "Locations" in the left sidebar.
    Open the section on the Event Form and select Locations on the left

    Image: Open the section on the Event Form and select Locations on the left

    Multiple event data elements are editable from this form based on how the Event Form has been configured for your 25Live security group, but only a location change will post back to your SIS via LYNX, so don't make any other data changes.
  4. If you're changing the location assignment of the section, click the "Remove" link of the currently assigned location.
  5. Select a saved search or search for suitable locations by location name.

    Check the Hide Locations with Conflicts and Enforce Headcount boxes to narrow the search results.

    Use the More Options drop-down to add additional search parameters, such as Categories, Features, Layouts, or Capacity.
  6. As you add and change search criteria, 25Live checks for appropriate available locations at the section's specified dates/times and displays the results below. When you've decided on the location you want to assign, click its Reserve button.

    Click the Reserve button of the location you want

    Image: Click the Reserve button of the location you want
  7. Click Save to assign the location to the section.

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