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The Multi-Section Courses report in X25's Section Analytics shows a summary of all the courses in your term which have more than one section. You can use this report to review the course offerings and make decisions about how many sections are necessary.

Table listing course names, some of which are expanded to show multiple sections

Image: Multi-Section Courses report

The report table includes the following fields:

  • Subject Code, Course Number, Number of Sections: These fields are displayed for each course. Click to expand and see information for individual sections.
  • Section Number: The number or code which identifies the section as part of the course.
  • CRN:  The course record number or unique identifier of the section in your SIS.
  • Meeting Pattern: Details on each of the section's meeting patterns, including start/end time, meeting days, and duration (in minutes).
  • Instructor(s): All instructors assigned to the section.

   X25 Analytics

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