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The Schedule25 Optimizer includes two downloadable reports from the Optimize and Assign step. These reports are downloaded in .xml format, which can be opened in a spreadsheet application like Excel.

Availability Report

The availability report (S25SpaceAvail.xml) is produced after the Optimize step is complete. It gives you an idea of what your locations' availability would look like in 25Live if you were to accept all of the suggested results.

Image: Download the report with the View Report button

Reading the Report

In the downloaded report, each column represents a different location in 25Live, with sub-columns for each day of the week. (M = Monday, T = Tuesday, W = Wednesday, R = Thursday, F = Friday, S = Saturday, U = Sunday)

Each row represents a meeting pattern, including the start/end times and the total duration in minutes. Meeting patterns are automatically determined based on the results of the Optimizer's event search. Each unique start and end time is listed in the report.

Whenever a cell is empty this means that the location is unavailable during that meeting pattern on at least one day during the run's start and end dates. (These are listed on the first tab of the report.)

If a cell is full (shaded with a letter representing the day of week) that means that it has no conflicts during the entire range of time specified by the Optimizer's start/end dates. You could consider assigning that location to a class that needs a home.

Image: Optimizer availability report

Placement Report

The placement report (S25PlacementResults.xml) is produced during the Assign step. At any time, you can click View Report to download a copy of the current assignment status of all sections in the Optimizer run.

Image: Download the report with the View Report button

Reading the Report

The downloaded report contains several tabs, each corresponding to one of the result headings in the Assign step. (Suggested, Accepted, Not Placed, Impossible)

Within each tab, you'll find a list of all the sections in that category, along with basic details (enough to identify their meeting patterns and enrollment).  If the section was placed in a location, then the report includes the location's details as well.

Image: Optimizer availability report

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