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Permissions: Related Events and Bindings

In order to create and edit events as a group, you'll need to enable "2.1 Manage Event Relationships and Binding" in the Basic Options tab of Series25 Group Administration.

Additionally, remember that even though they're in a group, related and bound events are still separate objects with their own object security. Make sure you have appropriate permissions to view and edit them, the same as you would any other event. 

To Remove Events From a Related Event Set and Cancel Relationships

1. Access the Manage Related Events Window

With one of the events open in the details view on the Events tab, choose Manage Related Events from the More Actions menu.


Select Manage Relationships in the More Event Options immediately after saving a new or edited event

2. Use the Remove Events from Set Button

In the Manage Related Events window, the title informs you if this event is in a related event set. To remove events (and remove relationships), use the Remove Events from Set button.

3. Select the Events You Want to Remove

Check the box next to the event(s) you want to remove from the related set, then use the Remove Selected button.

animation removing events
Use the Manage Related Events window to remove related events.
A refreshed list of all the remaining events in the set displays, or if there are no other related events, the subtitle informs you that this event is not in a related event set

4. Close the Manage Related Events Window

Close the window, or click the Remove Events from Set button to remove additional events.

Note: Bound Events

Another type of relationship -- between "bound" events that must have the same location assignment(s); for example, cross-listed or combined sections -- is also displayed in event details. To learn more, see Creating Event Bindings.

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