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Note: Security Permissions

What you can see and do in this application depends on the security permissions associated with your 25Live user account. If you can't view or run reports that you think you should have access to, contact your 25Live Administrator.

In this Reports application, you can run standard reports or custom reports that have been integrated into 25Live (see Integrating Custom Reports Into 25Live.

To Run a Report

1. Search for or Choose a Report to Run

Reports home screen choices
Image: The Reports home screen shows section category choices.

You can choose a report using the categories on the application home page or in the report choices section.

        Animation of Menu location on narrow screen
Image: If you are viewing Reports in a narrow browser view or device, use the side Menu link to open the report choices section.

Alternatively, you may search for the report you want to run if you know the report’s name.

Tip: Star Your Favorite Reports

To be able to get to your favorite reports more quickly and easily, use the star next to the report name. Starred reports display in the Your Starred Reports list and on your 25Live Pro dashboard and lists.

ou can read a report description or view a sample image using links after the report name
Image: You can read a report description or view a sample image using links after the report name.

After choosing any report from the list, you can read the description of the report by using the information (Information icon) icon, or you can view a sample image of the report using the View Sample link. For sample images and descriptions of all standard reports, see the 25Live Standard Report Reference.

2. Choose Format and Delivery Option

Format options
Image: Report format options.

Reports have several format options to choose from:

    • PDF 
    • Excel 
    • Rich Text Format (compatible with Microsoft Word) 
    • HTML 
    • (Plain) Text

Each of these formats can be saved, printed, or exported as needed.

Delivery options
Image: Report Delivery options.

The available delivery options are:

    • View this report now — to save, export it via a method other than email, or print 
    • Email this report to yourself — using the email address in your 25Live contact record 
    • Email this report to... — displays a field for you to complete with any valid email address

Both of these fields are required.

3. Complete Report Parameters

Each report has its own set of parameters to complete, some required and some optional.

Report Parameters example
Image: Daily Events report parameters example.

For example, if you chose the Daily Events report, you must complete the Event Search, Start Date, and Location Search parameters. If your report parameters include a start date and end date, you cannot choose a start date that occurs before the end date.

Reminder: Reports Use Saved Searches

Most reports depend on the use of a saved search. For example, you may choose a saved location search to run the Daily Room Sheet report. You should be sure you have saved searches or public searches ready before choosing a report to run. (See 25Live Pro help topic on Saving Searches).

4. Run the Report

Use the Run Report button Run Report button. A success message with additional information on retrieving your report will be displayed. If an error is displayed, follow the directions in the error message, such as trying to run your report again later.

5. Retrieve Report

Follow the displayed instructions to retrieve your report from a browser tab or email application. See Saving, Printing, and Emailing Reports.

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