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Once you have prepared for a Schedule25 run, you are ready to move on to the next step and run it to place sections. The data preparation step creates a snapshot of 25Live data, so if anything has changed in 25Live since you last ran Schedule25, you should re-prepare the data. If you don't, the snapshot could be out of sync with what's actually present in 25Live and an error might occur, such as Schedule25 double-booking a section in a location that it erroneously thought was available.

To run Schedule25, click "Optimize." It will take some time for the run to complete. When it's done, a summary of the term you just processed is displayed.

It's just a suggestion so far

At this point in an Optimizer run, the results haven't been finalized. No locations have been assigned to events yet.

At this point, you can move on to the Assign step to perform the actual location assignments or go back and change the input for the run (the event/location searches and the run preferences) to tweak the settings for better results.

Image: Schedule25 run results summary

A note about numbers

You might notice a slight discrepancy in the total number of classes on this page compared to the results on the Assign page.

When two events are bound together (as is the case for cross-listed or back-to-back sections) they count as a single "request for placement" for purposes of the Optimizer algorithm. This is because the Optimizer treats them as a single unit.

On the Assign page, each event is listed separately regardless of whether it is bound to another event. Therefore, the number of events listed in those results is greater than the "placed classes" displayed in the summary after clicking the Optimize button.

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