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The Schedule25 Optimizer is CollegeNET's advanced classroom placement algorithm. It performs calculations to find appropriate placements for all the sections of a term...within seconds!

The Optimizer finds a balance between three priorities:

  1. Overall placement (ensuring all classes have a room)
  2. Seat utilization (using appropriately sized locations)
  3. Room preferences (allowing department schedulers to have a say)

The Optimizer produces recommended assignments based on these priorities, which you can adjust in 25Live using the Meeting Pattern Grid. Once you are satisfied with the results, send the assignments back to your student information system using LYNX.

You can also use the Optimizer to find rooms for final exams by creating a search that includes exams.

Accessing the Optimizer

In order to use this functionality, you must have the Academic 4.0 permission (Use Schedule25 Optimizer and Meeting Pattern Grid) enabled in Series25 Group Administration.

To find the Schedule25 Optimizer, look in X25 Analytics. You can find this in the menu in the upper right of 25Live.

Image: Navigating to X25 from 25Live

In X25, the Optimizer tab is found in the top navigation row below the header bar.

Image: Optimizer tab in X25

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