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Security Note

To access Master Definitions System Settings views, your 25Live user must have security permissions set in Series25 Group Administration for Admin 17.0 Update User Group Preferences and Configurations. If you would like your permissions changed, contact your 25Live administrator.

25Live allows users with administrative security permissions to test and use different Event Form configurations.

How to Select an Event Config

1. Open the Event Form

Event Form link in top navigation bar
Image: Use the Event Form link in the top navigation bar to start creating an event.

Open the Event Form using the link in the top navigation bar.

2. Select a Configuration

Location of selection dropdown
Image: The dropdown menu for selecting configurations is at the top of the Event Form.

Use the Select any Config dropdown to select the configuration you want to view or test.

Reminder: Be Sure You're Logged In With an Administrative Account

To access the Select any Config dropdown, your 25Live user must have administrative security permissions (be in the -1 security group). If you do not have access you think you should have, contact your 25Live administrator.

3. Optionally Return to Your User's Default Configuration

You may wish to switch back to your own default to avoid later confusion.

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