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Certain pricing variables (those including the word "Occurrence" or "Occ") reference the duration of an occurrence. There are two ways this can be calculated:

  • Reservation Duration: the entire duration booked by the event, including setup and takedown as well as pre- and post-event time
  • Event Duration: the portion of the event limited to the start and end times on a calendar, excluding setup and other "extra" time

When you configure this setting, it affects occurrence variables in all pricing formulas.

The setting can be found in the Pricing Times area of the Pricing Set-Ups section in Pricing Settings, accessible in 25Live System Settings:

Image: Selecting a calculation for occurrence durations

You can also configure the same setting in the Pricing Times area of the Pricing tab in the 25Live Administration Utility.

Image: Selecting a calculation for occurrence durations

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