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Series25 uses various contact records associated with specific user accounts to accommodate system functions. These accounts generally should not be modified.

Critical System Accounts

These accounts are system-defined and should never be modified without first Contacting Series25 Support. This includes changing the username or password, making the account an inactive user, or moving it to another security group.

25Live Viewer (viewer25)

  • The 25Live viewer account is mostly used to configure how 25Live will look to non-logged in users. Users who are not signed in will behave as though they have the permissions configured for this user.
  • The default username is usually 'viewer25' but this can be set to a different username when 25Live is initially installed.
  • Best practice is not manually log in with this account. Do not combine it with other system account roles described below (such as the public search user.)
  • See Setting Up the 25Live Viewer Seat for more information.

Service User (service25)

  • The service account is a required system account used to clean up stale sessions, old cache files, and other expired objects in the database.
  • This user is also used as a service account by Series25 Support in troubleshooting issues.
  • If the account is altered, you may experience a loss in application functionality until Series25 Support can restore the account.

Default Object Owner (object25)

  • This account is a placeholder "owner" for locations, resources, organizations, and other objects that have no owner.
  • It is not relevant in day-to-day scheduling.

Other Special Accounts

These accounts are not system-defined but are usually configured when 25Live is set up or when licensing new additions to the software. Best practice is to use generic usernames for these functions rather than tying them to specific individuals at your institution. If someone leaves, you don't want your core functionality tied to an account that's been deactivated.

As these (non-Interface) accounts are generally for view-only purposes, we recommend that they have enough permissions to see all events, locations, resources, and organizations in 25Live, but not the ability to edit any objects. Note that anyone using a public search will only see results that their own permissions allow them to see, regardless of the Public Search User's security.

Warning: system admin privileges are not recommended

Except for the Interface user, it is not recommended to create any of these accounts as system administrators (in the -1 security group) as this will prevent you from using the Masquerade feature.

Interface User

  • This account is used by LYNX to access your Series25 database. Automatic imports and exports happen under this username.
  • The interface account should stay in the system administrator (-1) security group.
  • The account's username is not standardized, but is usually something like 'Interface25'.

Public Search User

  • Any searches created in 25Live by the Public Search User can be seen by all other 25Live users. See Public Searches for more information.
  • We recommend creating a separate generic account just for searches rather than using the viewer seat. However, using the dashboard user is acceptable.
  • Tip: use Masquerade Mode to log in and change this user's searches.
  • This username is set in the 25Live System Settings area.

Publisher User

Default Dashboard User

  • Log in as this user to customize the dashboard in 25Live. All new users' dashboards will match this default configuration.
  • New users' dashboard configurations only include the position of dashboard elements, not saved searches or favorite objects.
  • This username is set in the 25Live System Settings area.