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25Live Reports give you the opportunity to set user preferences for date and time display, your password, and user information.

Date/Time Preferences

Date and time preferences
Image: The Date/Time Preferences let you control the format and time zones displays.

The Date and Time Display setting controls the Date Order (whether to display the month or day first)

Availability View Hours let you set the First Hour and Last Hour you want availability views to default to.

The Calendar Start Day allows you to set the day of the week calendars will begin on.

Then, the Time Zone setting lets you choose the area of the world you will access the application from.

Use the Update Preferences button to save your choices.

Changing Your Password

Change Your Password preference
Image: 25Live Reports provides an easy interface to change your password if your institution is not using SSO.

You can enter a New Password in this setting and confirm it by entering it again. Use the Show link to see the password as you type. The Change Password button will save your new password.

Reminder: If your institution uses Single Sign On for authentication, you should contact your 25Live Administrator or appropriate person at your institution about your password.

Updating Your Info

Updating your info preferences
Image: Changing your info will update your 25Live user in other applications as well.

You can update all the standard fields of information related to your 25Live user contact in this display, with sections for:

  • Basic Information
  • Work Address
  • Home Address
  • Email

Use the arrow icons (Arrow icon) to open or close sections as you edit. Save changes with the Submit button.

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