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Default object security and assignment policy are the settings which are applied to an object when it's brand new, before you have a chance to configure them directly.

Note: when you copy an object you also copy its security, so the new object is identical to the original. Default security only applies when you create an object from scratch, such as when you import a spreadsheet of rooms from the Data Import Tool or through LYNX.

Setting Security Defaults

To set the default object security and/or assignment policy for new objects, follow these steps:

  1. In Series25 Group Administration, select one or more security groups. (We recommend you select all of them at once.)
  2. Click Configure ... Edit Default Security.
  3. Select an object type to edit: locations, organizations, reports, or resources.
    1. If you choose locations or resources, you'll have the option to edit assignment policy in addition to object security.
  4. A table of security groups will appear with radio buttons for each Object Security and Assignment Policy permission.
  5. Make your selections for each group and click Save.
  6. Choose another object type to set security from the button menu on the upper left.

Image: Setting default object security for locations

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