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  1. In the 25Live Administration Utility, select the Events tab.
  2. Select the Manage Events task tab, then find the events you want to set object security for by simple name search, browsing your event structure, or other search.
  3. If you’ve browsed, highlight the event you want to set object security for, or hold down the Shift key and highlight each event to select multiple events.
    If you’ve searched, check each event you want to set object security for.
  4. Click Edit Security.
  5. For each security group, select the object security access permission to the event(s).

    If you set object security to...Members of the security group...
    Not VisibleCan't view the event(s)
    View OnlyCan view the event(s)
    EditCan view and edit the event(s)
    Edit, Delete, CopyCan view, edit, delete, and copy the event(s)
  6. Click Save Changes.

Effects of Functional Security

The Events functional security access you set for a security group must be at minimum “Can View” before the related object security is applied.

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