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If you're already familiar with the functional security settings in the 25Live Administration Utility, you will find this document helpful in setting security options in Group Administration: Permissions in Series25 Group Administration.

Required Minimum Security

To be able to modify an existing 25Live group's security using Group Administration, the group must already have its permissions set to a certain minimum level. If the group does not meet this requirement, you will be prompted to change this when you attempt to edit it. Please see Best Practices Enforced by Group Administration for more information.

To Set Security For a Group

  1. If you're creating a new group, after naming and describing the group, select "Configure Security Group" from the drop-down, click the Copy button, then click OK to confirm.

    If you're setting security options for an existing group, from the Group Administration home page:
    1. Run a keyword search to find the group and select it.
    2. Click the Configure button and select "Edit Security."

  2. On the Configure Security For... page, the Summary tab is selected and displays the general categories of actions the group is able and unable to perform. From here, you can expand individual categories or all categories (Expand All) to see the list of actions in each. For example, members of this group are able to search for locations, but unable to perform any of the other Location Management actions.

  3. To change the security options for the group:
    1. Select the Question Option tab (Basic, Administrative, or Academic) that contains some or all the security settings you want to change.
    2. Select the setting you want to change. To make it easier to find the setting, you can filter the list. For example, to find settings related to tasks in the Basic Question category, you could enter "tas" as shown here.

      Selecting a setting from the Summary tab

      You can also access the setting you want to change from the Summary tab. With the Summary tab selected, expand the category that contains the setting, then click the link of the setting you want to change.

      In the example above, to access the "Delete Locations" setting so you could change it from "No" to "Yes" (enable it for this group) you would click the "Delete Locations" link, which is one of the settings in the Location Management category.

    3. Click the information icon next to the setting to see any dependencies it has with other settings and the current option selected for the group. For example, the View Tasks List setting also requires that the Create and Edit Events setting be set to "Yes" which it already is for this group. Click OK to close the window.

    4. Correct dependent settings as needed. In the example above, if the Create and Edit Events setting was currently set to "No" for this group, you'd change the setting to "Yes" to proceed.
    5. If there is a down arrow next to the setting's No/Yes option toggle, click it to view sub-settings of this setting, and set them appropriately for this group. For example, View Tasks List has two sub-settings which are currently set to "Yes" but could be changed to "No" if appropriate.

    6. Repeat steps b - e to change additional settings for this Question Option group or steps a - e to change additional settings for other Question Option groups.
  4. Click Save.

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