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Data Translation Groups

The Data Translations area of LYNX lets you define groups of rules for how SIS section data should be translated into 25Live data on import. Translation groups work by taking a field from the SIS and matching it against another field in 25Live. Each group contains zero or more rules that determine what specific values should match other specific values, followed by an "else" rule that applies to all values not covered by the specific rules. Most translation groups require very little setup to be suitable for 25Live. Setting up a single "else" rule for each group is the minimum effort required to make them work; additional specific rules can be created if needed.

Once you've set up your data translation rules, you can preview the effects they'll have by clicking the View Translated Results button. This opens a window listing all the values that will be sent to 25Live. If a value matches data that exists in 25Live, there is a "Yes" in the Valid? column of the results; if not, there is a "No" in the column. Not every "No" indicates a problem, but seeing the results list can help you verify that your configurations are set up correctly before you attempt to import sections.

Set and "Forget"

These settings generally do not need to be changed after they are initially set up. If you are preparing for LYNX use, read on, but if you've already defined data translation rules and your scheduling process hasn't changed since last term, you don't need to do anything.

You may occasionally need to modify your data translation rules if:

  • Another term code category has been created
  • You have new campuses or buildings in your system
  • Departments have been added or removed since the last term
  • There are new room requirements you want the Schedule25 Optimizer to recognize

Note that all these changes also require data changes in 25Live, so make sure any new data has also been entered using the 25Live Administration Utility.

Data Translation Example

In this example, there are two rules in the SIS Campus Codes to 25Live Event Categories translation group:

  1. If the Campus Code of the imported section is OC (Off Campus), then attach the category "Community" to the section.
  2. Else, attach a category to the section equal to the Campus Code.


And here are the translated results:

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