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Tax schedules add extra fees to a line item on an invoice as a percentage of its value. By setting up multiple tax schedules, you can customize different rates based on the items included and the customers being billed.

Tax schedules can have multiple effective dates, so you can build in known tax increases ahead of time.

Once you've created a new tax schedule, it won't be immediately applied. You'll need to link it with specific rate schedules to see the effects. For example, you can choose to link a room tax with all your location rate schedules or a food tax with just your resource rate schedules that represent catering.

Creating Tax Schedules

  1. In the 25Live Administration Utility, select the Pricing tab.
  2. Click Create Tax Schedule in the sidebar on the left.
  3. Enter a name for the tax schedule in the Tax Name field.Screenshot of adding a tax schedule name
    Image: Creating a tax schedule
  4. Click New Rate and enter a percentage value for the tax rate as well as a start date for this rate.
    1. If you know the tax rate will change in the future, repeat this step to add a new rate and the date it should be effective.
  5. Check the boxes of the rate groups who are responsible for paying this tax. If you have any tax-exempt groups, leave them unselected.
  6. Click Create Tax Schedule. A message is displayed confirming your success.
    Screenshot of choosing tax rates and the rate groups that get charged
    Image: Creating a tax schedule

Editing Tax Schedules

If you need to change any details of a tax schedule later on (such as adding a new rate) click Manage Tax Schedules on the sidebar. You can view all your existing tax schedules and edit any of them from here.

Screenshot of managing tax schedules

Image: Managing tax schedules

Video Walkthrough

Watch Andrea demonstrate how to set up your tax schedules in this short video.

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