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Academic Cycle Description

The Series25  "Academic Cycle" is a core academic scheduling process that consists of:

> Importing SIS course sections that need location assignments into 25Live

> Identifying and resolving any import problems

> Assigning locations to the sections

> Exporting the sections (now with location assignments) back to your SIS

> Identifying and resolving any export problems

After an initial data preparation and testing phase, the academic cycle process becomes continuous and ongoing. Sections are imported and exported automatically by the LYNX Interface, and 25Live functional administrators monitor the process, identify and resolve import and export problems, and assign locations to sections using the Schedule25 Optimizer and 25Live Pro.

The steps in this cycle are presented here in a specific order which should be considered best practice for most institutions. Following this order helps ensure that your section data is properly prepared prior to import, successfully imported into 25Live from your SIS, optimally assigned locations, and then successfully exported back to your SIS.

Academic Cycle Articles

These Academic Cycle articles provide information on the preparatory steps that must be completed before you initiate the academic cycle process and on each step of the process itself. It also includes articles on using LYNX final exam functionality which is optional.

Preparing SIS and 25Live Data

The articles in this section tell you how to prepare and verify the SIS and 25Live data that will be used in academic cycle processing.

Configuring LYNX

The articles in this section tell you how to configure LYNX for the ongoing transfer of academic data. Most of these steps need to be completed only once–the term data initialization, configuration settings, and data translations you establish persist from term to term, so if there are no changes to your scheduling process there is no need to change them.

Using LYNX to Prepare and Import Sections

These articles describe how to use LYNX to specify the section data you want extracted from your SIS and imported into 25Live, how to run the import process, and how to resolve any import errors.

Using Schedule25 and 25Live Pro to Assign Locations to Sections

These articles describe how to assign locations to imported sections automatically using the Schedule25 Optimizer and manually using 25Live Pro. Using the Schedule25 Optimizer is a process with several steps of its own, including significant setup and preparation, which are described in another set of linked articles.

Using LYNX to Prepare and Export Sections

Mirroring the import process, these articles describe how to use LYNX to specify the section data you want exported to your SIS from 25Live, how to run the export process, and how to resolve any export errors.  If you are familiar with older methods of academic scheduling, an important distinction is that completing vCalendar ToDos and generating vCalendar counter files is not required in this process.

Using LYNX Final Exam Functionality (optional)

These articles describe how to use LYNX final exam capabilities to create common exam groups among sections and create exams and import them into 25Live. It also includes articles for the Campus Solutions and Universal versions of LYNX that tell you how to create bound exam groups and how to import exams from the SIS into 25Live and export exams from 25Live to the SIS.

Additional LYNX Articles

These articles contain further useful information for LYNX implementation and use, particularly for those institutions transitioning from the legacy TCS Interface to LYNX.

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