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The final step in the academic cycle is making sure that any location assignment changes you made in 25Live have been successfully exported to your SIS.  Always check and correct export error and warning messages immediately after exporting sections for the first time in a term and as part of your daily routine throughout the year.

Export Message Levels

Export messages have one of these levels, depending on their severity:

  • Errors - Instances where a section failed to export for the reasons given in the message. Errors must be corrected before the section can be successfully exported. See Error Messages below.
  • Warnings - Instances where there was a discrepancy between a section’s SIS data and its 25Live data as described in the message. Warnings don’t prevent a section from exporting, but they can be related to subsequent errors which do cause an export failure. See Warning Messages below.
  • Info - Information about the exported section other than an error or warning that requires no action.

Fixing Export Problems

Fixing export problems requires correcting 25Live and/or SIS data to eliminate all errors and possibly some warnings and/or modifying LYNX configuration or translation settings as needed.

Prior to making corrections, review the error or warning messages for each section carefully to determine what must be done (see Common Export Errors and Warnings). This requires a thorough understanding of your 25Live and SIS data. If you need additional assistance, contact

When you're done making corrections, re-export the corrected sections in one of these ways:

  • If there are just a few sections requiring re-export, make a null change to the sections in 25Live and allow them to be updated automatically via LYNX.
  • If there are many sections requiring re-export, export the entire extract set containing the sections manually (see Reviewing and Exporting Extract Sets).

Accessing Export Messages

Export messages are available for review on the Import/Export Messages page. There are three ways to access this page from within LYNX:

From the Import Details Page After a Manual Export Is Completed

Immediately after you click Export to SIS, you are taken to the Import Details page where you see the progress of the export. Once the export is complete, you can click View All Messages to go to the Import/Export Messages page where all the messages for that export are listed. For more information, see Reviewing and Exporting Extract Sets.

From the 25Live Export Processes Page

  1. Choose 25Live Export Processes from the Export to SIS menu.
  2. Click the Process ID of the export you want to view messages for.
  3. On the Export Details page, click View All Messages.

From the Utilities Menu

  1. Choose Import/Export Messages from the Utilities menu.
  2. Specify message search criteria: Choose Exports to SIS. Choose whether you want to see just errors, errors and warnings, or errors, warnings, and info. Enter the date/time range (Start Date and Time and End Date and Time) for which you want to see messages (maximum 7 days).

    Image: Specify message search criteria on the Import/Export messages page
  3. If you want to search by section name and/or see or not see excluded sections in the message results, click the Advanced Search link if it’s not already expanded, enter the full or partial section name in the Name Search field, then select whether or not you want sections that have been excluded from the export to be shown in the message results.
  4. Click Load Messages.

Common Export Errors and Warnings

Error Messages

Assignment of multiple locations not allowedMultiple locations have been assigned to the section’s occurrences, which is not allowed.
Room <room name> cannot be found in SISThe location assigned to the section in 25Live is not in the SIS.

Warning Messages

Extra location assignments in 25Live not exported to SISAdditional location assignments have been made to a section in 25Live that already had a pre-assigned location in the SIS. The additional location assignments were not exported.
Room <room name> assigned in SIS (but not assigned to all occurrences in 25Live)The room named in the warning has been assigned to the section in the SIS, even though it wasn’t assigned to all the section’s occurrences in 25Live. The Interface assumes this is the room that should be assigned because it was the only location assigned to any of the section’s occurrences in 25ive, but warns that it hasn’t been assigned to all the section’s occurrences in 25Live.
Data sync conflict occurred. Room assignments in SIS are retained.The location was updated in the SIS at the same time the location was changed in 25Live. The SIS location assignment is retained.

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