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Dark Mode turned on for 25Live Pro
Image: Example of 25Live Pro home screen with Dark Mode turned on.

25Live Pro offers you the option to switch to a darker them. Some users prefer the darker theme to reduce eye strain, use the application in darker environments, save battery power on some devices, or to improve accessibility for users with low vision or light sensitivities.

To Turn on Dark Mode

1. Go to User Settings

User Settings in More menu
Image: The User Settings link is located in the More menu in the top navigation bar.

Use the More menu in the top navigation bar to access User Settings option.

2. Scroll Down to Set the Dark Mode Setting 

User setting for Dark Mode
Image: Toggle the setting to Yes to turn on Dark Mode.

Change the theme by toggling the setting for Dark Mode to Yes. Return and toggle the setting to No to turn off the darker theme.

3. Save Setting

Use the Update Preferences button to save your setting.

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