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Reminder: Security Permissions

What you can see and do in this application depends on the security permissions associated with your 25Live user account. If you can't access something you think you should be able to, contact your 25Live Administrator.

Use the Publisher selection available from the More menu on the 25Live home page to review and manage the data feeds sent to the 25Live Publisher under your Publisher sign-in username/password. The Publisher selection doesn't appear unless you sign into 25Live with the appropriate security permissions. To access Publisher contents, you must also sign into 25Live Publisher.

Image: The Publisher home screen shows all your active feeds.
Signed-in Publisher administrators can:
  •  Access basic "under the hood" information about each calendar feed for review and troubleshooting 
  •  Quickly review the current status of individual feeds and any errors that may exist 
  •  Re-initialize individual feeds 
  •  Delete individual feeds 
  •  Identify feeds sent to calendars that no longer exist (highlighted in red)

For a full guide to using this feature, please see the 25Live Publisher Overview (Series25 Customer Resources login required).

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