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Security Note: This Feature Requires Special Security Access

If you need access to use any of the features discussed in this topic, contact your 25Live Administrator. They can use the Series25 Group Administration tool to make changes.

After creating a custom document, it can be accessed from the More Actions menu in the Event Details view after allowing view of Event Contracts in the 25Live Administration Utility, and viewing the report/contract in the Event Details view.

To Implement a Custom Document

For your document to display for an event, it must be associated with the event type used for the particular event.

1. Go to the 25Live Administration Utility Events Tab

Go to Tool menu
Image: The link to the Administration Utility is in the More menu under Go to Tool.

Use the More menu in the top navigation bar of 25Live to navigate to the Administration Utility under Go to Tool > Administration Utility.

In Admin, go to the Events tab.

2. Edit Event Types in the Manage Event Type Hierarchy View

Choosing event types to edit
Image: Edit each event type that you want to associate with custom documents (Event Contracts).

Use the Event Type Hierarchy link in the left-side menu, then use the All Event Types option to view a list of all the event types available in your system.

Choose each event type you would like to associate with custom documents, and click or tap the Edit button.

3. Edit the Reports Section to Add Event Contract

Checking Event Contract option
Image: Check the Event Contract Option and Save Changes.

Once you are in the editing view for any event type, find the Reports section, and use the Edit link to open. If you edit more than one event type, use the Reports Add checkbox to open the section.

Check the Event Contract checkbox.

Use the Save Changes button at the bottom to save.

4. Go to the Reports Tab to Grant View Permissions for Event Contracts

Image: In the 25Live Administration Utility’s Reports tab, edit the Event Contract report. 

In the 25Live Administration Utility, go to the Reports tab then choose the Manage Reports section.

Edit the Object-Specific ReportsEvent Contract report type’s Object Security to give at least View permissions to any security groups that you wish to allow use of custom contract documents.

5. In 25Live, Choose the Document in Event Details to Print or Email

Within 25Live Pro, go to the Event Details view for any event that uses one of the event types you associated with event contracts.

Contract in menu
Image: Go to the More Actions display under Print Report or Email Event to find your custom document.

Open the More Actions display, then choose either Print Report to reveal the list of available reports or Email Event. Your custom document should be available as Event Contract: [name of your document] to print or email.


If a user cannot see a custom contract in the Event Details view, double-check their security group's settings in the 25Live Administration Utility to ensure their group has at least view rights for the event and the report/document.

Then, also check again to be sure that the Event Contract checkbox is checked in the Reports section for the Event Type being use in the event. See steps 1-3 above.

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