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These settings can be found in the "Organization and Contact" area of LYNX's Configuration - Settings area. 


Define Primary Organization

This setting determines how LYNX matches 25Live organizations to your SIS data. You have two primary options: either a section's subject code or department code.

In addition, you may append a campus code or institution code. This is useful if different campuses use the same subject/department codes and you want to handle them as separate organizations in 25Live.

Organization Type

When organizations are imported using LYNX, this setting determines which organization type they use in 25Live.

Define Scheduler on Imported Sections

This setting determines who fills the Scheduler event contact role in 25Live. It can either be a specific user (chosen below) or the location scheduler configured on a location's details page. (If a section imports without a preassigned location, or the location does not have a scheduler, the default scheduler is used.)

Include Section Instructors

Faculty Email Indicator

Email Type

Create Instructor

LYNX will always include instructor names in a 25Live event's text area, but you can also configure it to add instructors as event contact roles.

Instructors are matched to 25Live contacts based on email addresses. Because instructors may have multiple email addresses in the SIS, you must choose which one to use: either the preferred email, or a specific email type code.

If a contact with a matching email address is not found in 25Live, you can configure LYNX to create a new contact record.

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