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These settings can be found in the "Exam Import/Export" area of LYNX's Configuration - Settings


area. (It is only available for Campus Solutions and LYNX Universal customers.)

This page is for importing exams from your SIS to 25Live. Creating exams directly in LYNX? See here.


Exam Import/Export Mode

LYNX will either import exams in 25Live as additional meeting pattern profiles (also called "segments") on the original event, or as separate events with their own reference numbers.

Use Default Exam Event Type or Exam Event Type Translation

If exams are imported as independent events, this setting determines their event type. It operates similarly to the event type option in LYNX Settings - Events.

Define Exam Head Count Information

This setting determines how LYNX sets the expected and registered head count values on the exams. It can either use the same values as the original section, or it can use the section's registered head count for both.

Adjust Exam Head Count

This setting adjusts expected and registered head counts by a specified multiplier, which can be between 1.0 and 5.0.

It is useful for privacy spacing or other circumstances when you might want to treat a class as though it requires more than one seat per student, such as social distancing measures. 

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