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titleWhy setting defaults is important

Default resource object security and assignment policies define the object security access permissions and assignment policy permission each security group has to newly created resources.

If left unchanged for a security group, the object security system defaults of “Not Visible” and “Events Not Visible” applies, meaning that members of the group won’t see any new resources that are created nor will they see any events those resources are assigned to. In this case, the system default assignment policy of “Request” doesn’t apply, since a security group must have at least “View Only” and “Assign/Request” resource object security to be able to request assignment of a resource.

To Set Default Resource Object Security and Assignment Policies

  1. In the 25Live Administration Utility, select the Resources tab.
  2. Select the Set Resource Defaults task tab.
  3. Choose the default object security setting you want for each security group.
  4. Choose the default assignment policy setting you want for each security group.
  5. Click Save Resource Defaults. 

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