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CollegeNET has always built Series25 tools with customer feedback. It’s more important than ever for us to efficiently collect and organize all your requests. Our developers and support professionals also love to see how valuable each suggestion is for the greatest number of customers, so we use customer feedback boards powered by Feature Upvote.

Using this tool, you can follow the progress of a suggestion as it’s voted on and labeled by CollegeNET. While high vote counts are not a guarantee that any specific feature will be developed next, your votes strongly guide planning and priorities.

titleNote: These Boards Are Not for Submitting Support Tickets

Our customer feedback boards are not intended as a tool for submitting support tickets, troubleshooting, or bug reports. If you have an issue that needs to be addressed immediately, contact

Browsing the Boards


Access the customer feedback boards at:


Feedback boards are available for most Series25 tools and functions, including:

  • 25Live Pro and SchedulingAdministration
  • 25Live Reporting
  • Series25 LYNX Interface
  • Series25 Integrations (Publisher, WebServices integrations, etc.)
  • X25 Analytics and the Series25 Optimizer

 Use the links on the main page to visit any of the specific feedback boards.


Customer feedback board listImage RemovedCustomer feedback board listImage Added
Image: The main listing of customer feedback boards include most Series25 tools and functions.

list view
Image: The board view includes sorting and tagging options.

Within each board, you can see a list of suggestions, sorted by the number of votes they’ve received.

Suggestion StatusDescription
Under ConsiderationThis is the default status for new suggestions.
In this status, new comments and feedback are still being collected, but this idea is not on CollegeNET's current development schedule.
PlannedThe suggestion is in active development.
DoneThis status means the suggestion was taken, developed, and released in a Series25 tool. No further comments or discussions should be added.
Not PlannedCollegeNET has no current plans to add this suggestion to the development roadmap. Further votes or discussion can be added, and the status could change.
  • Tap or click on the title of any issue to view more details
  • Use the buttons across the top of the list to sort or filter the view, with options for:
    • Top: sort by the top number of votes
    • New: sort by newest suggestion
    • All: remove any filters to view all suggestions
    • All tags: remove any tag filters that were added by tapping or clicking on a tag label
  • A Search box is available (see more about searching below)
  • An Add button allows you to add a new suggestion
  • Use the link on the number of votes to quickly add a vote (see more on voting below)
  • The status is visible for every issue next to the tags
  • Use the Comments link to go directly to the suggestion’s comments view
  • Tap or click on the tag labels to see other suggestions that share that tag
titleReminder: CollegeNET Employees Sometimes Enter Issues For Customers

We’re always listening to the suggestions. The feedback CollegeNET employees receive from customers via emails, calls, training sessions, or meetings are often added for customers. So, you may see “(CollegeNET)” listed by the “Suggested by” names on some requests.

Searching Suggestions

top row of list view
Image: The Search field is on the right side of the top row of buttons above the suggestions list.

From the list view of any individual customer feedback board, type in the Search field on the right side of the top row of buttons above the suggestions list.

Search results
Image: Search results appear dynamically as you type.

Matching results will display dynamically as you type. Tap or click on the title of any search result to view the details for that suggestion.

Commenting on a Suggestion

Comments section
Image: The comment section is below the description and details of the suggestion.

Use the title link for any suggestion to go to its details view. The comment section is below the description and other details of the suggestion. You can also use the Comments link in the list view or in the details view.

Scroll to the Add a comment section, enter your text, name, and email address. You will also need to check the box contenting to terms.

Use the Post Comment button to save and post your text.

titleReminder: New Comments Need to Be Approved Before They Appear

New comments must be approved by CollegeNET before becoming publicly visible. Please keep comments on topic.


Voting button and feedback request
Image: The Upvote button adds your vote for a suggestion and offers the option to receive email notifications.

Every issue in the list view displays the number of votes the suggestion has collected. Tap or click on the number of votes to quickly go to the details view. Use the Upvote button to add your vote for the suggestion. You can enter your email address if you want to receive notifications about changes for that suggestion.

Click or tap on the Voted up link text to remove your vote.

Suggesting an Improvement

Adding a new suggestion
Image: The Add button on the right side of the top row of buttons above the suggestions list opens the new suggestion form.

Use the Add button is on the right side of the top row of buttons above the suggestions list to add a new suggestion. There is also an Add New button that dynamically appears on the bottom of the list view as you scroll.

Enter the required information for your new suggestion:

  • Title (with displayed character limit)
  • Description (with displayed character limit)
  • Name
  • Email address
  • Check the consent box

The Add image button is available to optionally attach an image from a local file or web address location to your suggestion.

Use the Post Suggestion button to complete your suggestion. You will be returned to the list view.

titleReminder: New Suggestions Need to Be Approved Before They Appear

New suggestions must be approved by CollegeNET before becoming publicly visible, and similar suggestions may be merged. If your new suggestion already exists, you can upvote the existing suggestion and add comments to it.

Getting Additional Help

Please report bugs or technical issues to Series25 to Technical Support (

If you need additional help on how to use these customer feedback boards or with any Series25 tool, contact Ask Trainers (

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