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25Live Pro allows you to add and edit requirements for calendars and other uses in the Master Definitions section of the System Settings area. 

How To Access Master Definitions

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Working With Master Definitions In 25Live Pro
Working With Master Definitions In 25Live Pro

See Working With Master Definitions for details on general navigation within the Master Definitions section and actions available to all types.

Available Types

You can create requirements for the following object types:

  • Other - uncategorized requirements that can be used on the Event Form
  • Calendar - requirements related to publishing

How To Add Requirements

1. Open a Specific Requirement Type View

types of requirements
Image: The Requirements Master Definitions section is organized in submenus by object type.

The Requirements view within the Master Definitions section has submenus organized by object type for Other and Calendar. 

2. Use the Create New Button

New item at the top of list
Image: After using the Create New button, the new item is listed at the top with a default name.

To add a new item, use the Create New button. Your new requirement will appear at the top of the list.

4. Rename the New Requirement

The new item will have a default name that includes its ID number. Use the edit icon () to rename.

Editing Requirements

Both types of requirements allows you to edit the list or item with the following actions:

  • Manually reorder items
  • The Id number for each item is listed
  • Edit the Name of the item
  • Check or uncheck the Active status
  • The Abridged checkbox controls if the item is only visible on an abridged list for users with limited permissions
  • "Other" requirement type only: Check or uncheck an option to Allow Quantity to be displayed on the Event Form
  • Set Notification Policy (see more detail below)
  • View the Usage of the item in events, searches, etc.
  • Delete the item (if it is not being used)
  • Force Delete the item (even if it's being used) and remove all references (available only to Administrators in the (-1) security group)

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PageWithExcerptAdding and Editing Custom Attributes In 25Live Pro

Notification Policy

Both requirement types have an additional editing option for setting notification policy. You can define a notification policy based on a particular event requirement. When a user creates an event with that requirement, the notification is automatically sent to the 25Live Task List of the user(s) specified in the notification policy.

Example: You could define a notification policy that sends an "Information Only" notification to the task list of the head of campus security every time an event is created with an alcohol permit requirement.

Notification policy dialog
Image: The Notification Policy choices for calendar requirements.

In the Notification Policy column, use the Show button to reveal options, including:

  • The Approval Type that is required, By at least one contact or By all 
  • The number of DaysHours, and Minutes of the event creation date that approval is required within
  • The ability to Add Contact for the policy

Use the Save button to save your choices.

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