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titleSecurity Note: This Feature Requires Special Security Access

If you cannot access this feature, contact your 25Live Administrator to alter your security group's permissions in the Series25 Group Administration tool.

When you open an object in 25Live to edit it, a lock is placed on that object. The lock is removed after saving changes. If a lock persists due to a technical issue, users with proper permissions can remove it.

When a user is creating an event and assigns a location or resource, a pending reservation (assignment) is created to hold the object(s) while the user finishes creating the event. This is done to prevent conflicts that would occur if another user tried to schedule the same location or resource at the same time. If the user is interrupted during the event creation process, the pending reservations are never discharged. 25Live lets you view and remove these pending reservations.

Table of Contents

How to Access the Lock Table/Pending Section

1. Go to the System Settings View, and Access General Settings

The More menu in the top navigation bar
Image: The More menu in the top navigation bar has a link to the System Settings view.

After logging into 25Live Pro as an administrator or user with appropriate permissions, open the More menu in the top navigation bar.

System Settings link in More menu
Image: The System Settings link is in the More menu.

Use the menu link to go to the System Settings view, then view the General Settings section.

System Settings General Settings section
Image: The setting to log in as another user is in the General Settings section of the System Settings.

2. Open the Lock Table / Pending Section

Go to the Lock Table / Pending section using the link in the left-side menu.

How to Remove Locks From the Lock Table

1. Go to the Lock Table Subsection

After opening the Lock table / Pending area, use the Lock Table subsection link.

2. Select a Lock to Delete

Example of locks in table
Image: The Lock Table link is on the left side, and the active locks are displayed in a list.

Active locks are displayed in a list. You can use the Filter field to narrow the list down.

When you locate the lock you wish to remove, use the Delete button. You will be asked to confirm.

titleWarning: Be Very Sure Before Removing a Lock

Use your administrative power with care to be sure you're removing the correct lock and one that will not cause the work of another active user to be lost.

How to Remove Pending Location or Resource Reservations

1. Go to the Location or Resource Pending Subsection

Links to remove pending reservations
Image: The subsection links are on the left side.

After opening the Lock table / Pending area, use the Location Pending or Resource Pending subsection links.

2. Select Reservations to Delete

Deleting pending reservations
Image: A Delete button accompanies every reservations. 

Currently pending reservations are listed. Use the Filter field to narrow down the list. Use the Delete buttons on any line to remove reservations then confirm the action.

Again, be careful using the power in this feature to be sure you're only removing reservations that are no longer needed.

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