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CollegeNET plans to retire the Administration Utility as a separate entity as part of software migration and upgrades. In order to do this, we will completely redistribute its functionality between 25Live System Settings, Series25 Group Administration, and other tools. Please refer to the guide below for instructions on how to find these settings in their new homes.


Some elements are not planned for migration as their usage is being phased out or replaced by CollegeNET best practices. Please contact CollegeNET if you have a use case which you believe cannot be supported without these features.

Security Management

SettingNew HomeStatusNotes
Manage Functional Security GroupsGroup Administration > Setting Security For One GroupCompleteAlso includes setting security for multiple groups, creating/deleting groups, etc.
Remove Locks25Live System Settings > Lock Table / PendingComplete
Set Object Security StatusN/AN/AMigration not planned – Object Security is now enforced by default.
Event Object SecuritySeries25 Group AdministrationPlanned
Cabinet and Folder Object SecuritySeries25 Group AdministrationPlanned
Location Object Security and Assignment PolicyGroup Administration > Editing Object Security and Assignment PolicyCompleteAssignment policy exceptions to be replaced with Assignment Windows.
Resource Object Security and Assignment PolicyGroup Administration > Editing Object Security and Assignment PolicyComplete
Organization Object SecurityGroup Administration > Editing Object Security and Assignment PolicyComplete
Report Object SecurityGroup Administration > Editing Object Security and Assignment PolicyComplete
Security DefaultsSeries25 Group AdministrationPlanned

Event Management

SettingNew HomeStatusNotes
Cabinet and Folder Management25Live System SettingsPlannedAlso see "Security Management" on this page.
Data InheritanceN/AN/ANot planned for migration; functionality is being phased out.
Event Deletion (Bulk)25LivePlanned
Back-to-Back BindingLYNX > Back-to-Back BindingComplete
Export to SISLYNX > Reviewing and Exporting a Section Export Extract SetComplete
Event Type Hierarchy25Live System SettingsPlanned
Event Master Definitions25Live System Settings > Working With Master DefinitionsComplete
X25 ExportX25 Analytics > Projects and SnapshotsCompleteExport to previous version of X25 not planned for migration.
Series25 Import MessagesLYNX > Accessing Import and Export MessagesCompleteImport messages for events imported through other methods are still being migrated.
Import CSV FileSeries25 Data Import ToolPlanned

Object Management (Locations, Resources, Organizations, Contacts)

SettingNew HomeStatusNotes
Object Creation25LivePlanned

Contacts and organizations can be created within the event form as part of creating an event.

Contacts can also be created in Series25 Group Administration when Adding Users to Security Groups.

Object Deletion25LivePlanned
Object Editing25Live > Viewing Location DetailsCompleteObject editing is available for all object types with appropriate permissions. Also see "Security Management" on this page.
Bulk Editing25Live > Bulk Editing LocationsIn ProgressBulk editing is currently only available for locations.
Master Definitions25Live System Settings > Working With Master DefinitionsComplete
Remove Pending Reservations25Live System Settings > Lock Table / PendingComplete
View Signed In Users25Live System SettingsPlanned

Report Management

SettingNew HomeStatusNotes
Report Creation25Live Reports > Reports AdminComplete
Report Edit/Delete25Live Reports > Reports AdminCompleteAlso see "Security Management" on this page.
Scheduling Reports25Live Reports > Reports AdminComplete

Other Functionality

SettingNew HomeStatusNotes
Image Management25Live System SettingsPlanned
Pricing Management25Live System SettingsCompletePermissions have been simplified in Series25 Groups Administration; individual elements such as rate groups and tax schedules no longer require separate permissions to edit.
Schedule25 OptimizerX25 Analytics > Schedule25 Optimizer OverviewCompleteAn X25 Analytics license is not required to use the Optimizer in this application.
Publisher Management25Live System SettingsPlanned
SIS Import/Export SettingsN/AN/ANot planned for migration because these settings do not affect LYNX users. We will work directly with any schools still using older SIS interfaces at the time the Administration Utility is retired.
SSO Authentication SettingsGroup Administration > Single Sign On Authentication OptionsComplete
Email Notification SettingsN/AN/AWe plan to expand functionality of Event Save Emails to support the use cases covered by this functionality.

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