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Starring your favorite events, locations, resources, organizations, and contacts gives you quick access to the objects you work with most often. 

  • A filled star Star icon icon next to an item indicates the item is currently a favorite
  • Tap or click the filled star Star icon (filled) icon to remove that object from your favorites
  • Tap or click the empty star Star icon (empty) icon to add that object to your favorites

Starred events, locations, resources, organizations, and contacts are available in a default pre-defined group listed in the Saved Searches choices in the Search section.

Tip: Favoriting Copied Searches

New searches created by sharing from other users are created as unstarred/unfavorited searches. If the user who receives the copied search wants to use it with a report, they must first mark the search as starred.

Contacts may be starred and unstarred, but only during event creation/editing. You may also star event types as favorites.

Security Note

The ability to star items of interest is available only to users who have signed in and are 25Live schedulers/users.

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